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The team at A. Confortini are experts in heating system repair and installation. You will really appreciate your heating system during the harsh winter months. Whether you’re looking to remodel, building a new home, or seeking an upgrade to your existing heating system, you can depend on A. Confortini Plumbing & Heating for a heating solution that is both reliable and efficient, plus one that will last for many years.

We specialize in high-efficiency heating systems that provide total comfort throughout your entire home. And if you are building or remodeling your home it is crucial that you select a heating system that is going to regulate the temperature of your home efficiently, because this will reduce your heating costs.Our technicians are also heating repair experts and can help you should your furnace break down. We also know the know the latest heating, ventilation and air conditioning products available and can help you select the best products available to meet your comfort needs.

Let one of our knowledgeable team members help you select the ideal system for your home. All of the heating systems we provide are backed by excellent manufacturer’s warranties, and many also offer extended warranties. Contact us today about how replacing or upgrading to a higher efficiency heating system can increase your family’s comfort while also significantly cutting your home heating bills.

Have an Issue with Your Heating System?

Our experienced technicians will diagnose your problem and plan a solution, or recommend a replacement system that meets your budget and your energy savings goals.

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Did you know that there are only there are three components that make up every climate control system?

The first component is the source of your warm air. Most often this is a furnace. The second component distributes the air, your heating ducts. If your home or business has a central air system, both the cool and warm air probably originate from the same place. The third component is the thermostat, a device that regulates or controls your system.

When a heating system isn’t operating as it should, something is wrong with one of these three of these components.Heating and air units work on the principle that heat always moves from a warm object to a cooler object. Heaters and furnaces put heat into the air to make your home warmer. When the furnace is turned on it consumes the fuel that power it. As fuel is burned, heat is produced and sent to areas of your home. This is why energy efficient devices are so important.

Looking for expert advice on heating system repair and installation? To learn about improving the energy efficiency of your home, check out these guides, available through FirstEnergy/JCP&L.

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