My Story

My father started the business in 1965 (my father is Andy, the “A” of A. Confortini).¬†Plumbing was a side thing for my dad; he had enjoyed a long career as a full-time fire captain for the Irvington Fire Rescue but loved helping others and plumbing was one of the conduits for doing so.

As a boy, I worked weekends and summers in dads business, and much of what I know today was learned alongside my dad.

I wasn’t planning to go to go to college because I loved working in the plumbing business, but my dad and mom realized the importance of education and knew that if plumbing did not work out it would allow me a degree to fall back on. I took their advice to heart and attended Kean College, eventually getting a degree in industrial technology (an amalgamation of the studies of mechanical contracting, systems design, architecture, blueprint reading, and even some sales management).

Even while I attended college, I continued to work part time for a large plumbing and heating company (I was the only part time employee there) and worked there on a full-time basis in the summer.

In 1990 I acquired the company from my dad, who still comes by occasionally and tinkers with some of the projects. Over the years the business grew and grew, and I was fortunate to diversify into others areas outside of just plumbing.

Today we work with some pretty amazing clients, in residential and commercial properties, performing remodeling as well as installations and repairs. I’d love to work with you as well.